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Interesting Tips

Informational Interviews, Volunteering, and Internships
See how they help build careers!

Informational Interviewing:
A conversation with someone who can give you advice about an organization, field of work or a particular job that 
interests you. Your interviewee may be someone you already know like a supervisor, family friend or coworker, or it may be with a stranger. Though it may seem awkward to approach someone you have never met, seeking career information is a very valuable job search tool. Remember, most people are more than happy to discuss what they do for a living. Through your genuine interest in their job and career fields, you can get your questions answered.

Much like pursuing an internship, is a great way to gain experience, build your resume and create a professional network--all while giving back to your community, school or cause of your choice. You can volunteer at faith-based, nonprofit or government agencies--or even in your own neighborhood. Find volunteer and unpaid internship opportunities at websites including, Do Something!, and Volunteer Match.

An internship can be the first real-world experience you’ve had with your possible career path. Typically a 3 month internship provides you with critical professional experience--before you complete the program. 
An Internship can:
• Provide insight into the skills, duties and career opportunities associated with you major or desired field.
• Confirm or negate your career choice
• Introduce you to networking contacts within your field.
• Help you secure a full-time position upon completion.