Adjunct Faculty Orientation

Teaching at ACC can be pretty overwhelming in the beginning. Hopefully, some of the information and links below will help you to get off to a good start.

Click here to access Adjunct Faculty Orientation

Once you have been assigned to a campus, go to Admissions (in Student Services) to have a faculty photo ID made. An ACC identification card will identify you as a faculty member so that you can obtain support (e.g. check out library materials) and obtain discounts at campus events or local businesses. To get an ACC ID card, bring your ACCeID and a picture ID to any campus Admissions and Records Office. This card must be presented when you pick up a parking permit, use the computer services, and use the library. Visit the Cashier's Office  to buy a faculty parking sticker and pick up a free bus pass.

Please go to campus administration to get a key in order to maintain a file drawer in the adjunct office (if available).

A parking permit is required if you wish to park a vehicle on an ACC campus.

Administrators  $50
Full Time Faculty $40
Staff-Prof/Tech  $35
Staff-Classified $30
Adjunct Faculty  $20
Hourly employee $15

Please click here for more information about the parking permits.

Parking is limited at some campuses.  Employees are encouraged to use alternative transportation resources.  Parking information is located at  Capital Metro summarizes the routes to and from ACC Campuses at

Click here to view a list of campus maps and directions to each location.

Setting up ACC email, telephone, Google apps, and web accounts
ACC email and voice mail are mandatory for all adjuncts. For tutorials about how to use and set up your email, telephone voice mail, and web account, go to:
Information Technology

To learn how to manage Google apps, such as your mail, groups, Google sites, calendar, drives, and docs, go here:

The ACC Help Desk helps ACC faculty and staff with a variety of problems including: e-mail, voice mail, and computer hardware problems. If you have problems, contact the Help Desk at 512-223-4357 or e-mail them at If the Help Desk technicians cannot answer your questions or assist you with your problem, they will put you in touch with someone who can. You can also fill out a Service Request by clicking here.

Faculty Resource Centers
Each campus has a Faculty Resource Center (FRC) where faculty and staff can access up-to-date computer technology and instructional equipment with staff on-hand to provide assistance. The FRC's are located adjacent to the Media Centers and the hours mirror those of the campus Media Centers. Click here. The typical use of the Faculty Resource Center includes internet access, email, word processing, web editing, and ACC online services such as e-time, e-staffing, and online access for grading. Equipment available in each Faculty Resource Center includes:
  • PC Computer workstation
  • PC Computer Scanning Workstation
  • Macintosh Computer workstation
  • Video Projector
On-site staff can provide assistance with the available hardware, software, and online processes such as: Training for much of the productivity software is available through Instructional Development Services. More information is available on the How to Get Training web page.

Instructional Development

Estaffing (this is how most departments schedule classes)

During your first semester, you will most likely be scheduled outside of Estaffing.

ACC eStaffing Workshop online
Estaffing Login

During your first semester, you will probably have to use the textbooks assigned by your department. You may be able to add supplemental materials that you believe would further benefit the students. Check with the department head or the department administrative assistant to confirm that an order has been placed. They will either provide you with a copy of a teacher's edition of the textbook or they will order a new one. Then, go to the publisher's website and register as a teacher of the course. There will be supplemental resources for you there. In the event that you are permitted to order your own text, do a bit of homework first. Google your course title to find syllabi from other professors. They will be able to give you first-hand experience using a particular book and already have gone through the selection process to tell you why they made their decision. Also, register with all the publishing companies to get samples of texts. Be sure to obtain approval from your supervisor before ordering. You may have additional published materials you wish to order for your students that are mandatory or optional to purchase. Discuss the order with the bookstore so they can provide you with assistance. The other option the bookstore will offer is that you create your own course pack. This can be a collection of copyrighted materials and/or original materials you create. Contact the bookstore for assistance and obtain approval from your supervisor before ordering. For more information, register at the Bookstore for new releases and updates.
Approved Textbook Listings

Faculty Online Access
ACC Online Services provides a Web interface to information contained in the Datatel system. You can use ACC Online Services to view your class schedule, obtain up-to-date class rosters, and enter student grades. In addition, you can view information about things such as payroll. As the semester progresses, students may add or drop your course.

To access your class roster, go to the ACC main page. At the bottom right of the page, there is a link to Faculty and Staff Login. This takes you to the login screen for ACC Online Services. Click Log In to begin. If you have not logged in before using your ACCeID you may want to "Click for ACCeID activation or password change," which is located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. For first time users, ACC provides an online tutorial. If you do not have your ACCeID before the first day of class, request that the Administrative Assistant print out a copy of your roster for your use.

Students are responsible for staying informed about the deadline dates for withdrawing from classes. However, it is always nice for you to give them reminders. The deadlines are on the Academic Calendar.

For more information about how to access these services and how they can assist you with logging on click here. Other online tutorials on that page will walk you through the following tasks:
  • Viewing your Class Schedule
  • Viewing Class Rosters
  • Searching for Classes
  • Entering Grades
  • Student Advising
Evaluation and Training

You need to complete two mandatory trainings within 30 days of your start date: ADA Awareness Training and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. All ACC employees must repeat these trainings every two years. To sign up for these trainings, go to the Workshop & Event Registration database. Log in according to the directions on the site. Go to Available Workshops to find the Sexual Harassment Prevention workshops and the ADA Awareness workshops.

New faculty members, whether full-time or adjunct, need to know early in the semester about professional development requirements and opportunities. 
The Evaluation Web Page provides specific information about this process.

More information about the Adjunct Faculty Evaluation is discussed in the book Professional Development and Evaluations, which is available from the main menu. You may also go to for detailed information.

Faculty Evaluation and Portfolios
Professional Development Workshops
Instructional Development

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I hope your experience at ACC is successful. Please contact the current secretary of AFA or your campus representative if you need further assistance.