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      The Adjunct Faculty

      Association (AFA)


      The Purpose of the Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA):

      To represent the concerns and serve the interests of the adjunct faculty of Austin Community College, and to facilitate effective communication among all faculty members and between faculty and administration to achieve more effectively the mission of the College.

      In order to achieve this purpose, the Association shall:

      • Present the views and recommendations of the adjunct faculty to the administration and to the Board of Trustees of the Austin Community College District.
      • Be an integral part of the instructional programs, policy making, and growth plans of the College.
      • Foster programs and activities that develop among the adjunct faculty members pride, responsibility, leadership, character, and community involvement.
      • Develop cooperation and fellowship among all faculty and across instructional programs of the College.

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      ACC Mission Statement

      The Austin Community College District values and respects each individual student. We promote student success and improve communities by providing affordable access, through traditional and distance learning modes, to higher education and workforce training in the eight-county service area.