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2010-06 Arwee (student) 

Home: Bangkok  Travel Diary 

2010-03 Noi

home Chiang Rai    Travel Diary


2010-02 Dusi

Dusi returned to Perth WA on a Business Visa (arranged by Auswathai) to develop several projects namely

Student Visa WA 

Student Visa WA was closed down - lack of support

2009-09 Kat   Perth WA

Home: Bangkok  Travel Diary

2009-08 Kae   Perth WA

Home: Bangkok  Travel Diary

2009-08 Dusi   Perth WA

Home: Khon Kaen     Travel Diary

2009-03  Angella  - Perth WA

Home: Bangkok  Forum Profile

2009-03 Pair (student) Perth WA

Home:   Phark Nuea    Travel Diary

2008-12 Janis Perth WA

Home: Bangkok   Travel Diary
Aussie friends and visit Thailand 

Khun Lucky
home: Perth West Australia
2008-07 Pim visit Perth WA

Home: Nakon Pathum   Travel Diary
2008-08 Wari visit Perth WA 

Home: Nakhon Ratchasima - now WA
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