Cultural Project  Thai to WA


  Our Mission
Host Thai visitors to W.A. for Culture exchange supporting AusWaThai Mission statement

We apologise if some information is a little confusing, we develop this project with Aussie and Thai volunteers. 
We do not have employed staff and rely on donation of time and effort by volunteers our work culture
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We seek people wishing to exchange culture
some have wealth in Wellness and Family Care 
others have wealth in Financial - sharing is caring! 
Come to Perth West Australia, live with an Aussie family, share and exchange culture.  


This project is not easy to develop (visa conditions) but we remain enthusiastic because we believe it is a valuable Community proje
We have changed  the format to be aligned with objectives of obstacles of Australian Government based on their guidance.

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Kon Thai
2009-07 added a screening process (before you apply)
Please view the screening process before you complete the online enquiry form.  (The enquiry form was created last year, changes pending).  
It's a genuine goodwill project to help people seeking to improve their life - similar beliefs as these groups


15/07/2009 the following info was created last year and is NOW out of date ...
Kon Farang (Aussie)
     <> If your based inPerth WA and wish to experience   
                 Thai Smile, Kindness and Care - click here