... we launched this model to get small business on the web, 
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our focus is:-
give YOU options
to save money and Promote your Business

some say "do it right or not all all", "protect your image"
but if your not out there "you don't have an image!!!"

we say "something, is better than nothing" and when they come
show them your ability.... 

    "It only happens if we keep trying"
Benefits of the web .. 
more than 50% of the population now use internet and most use "google"  ...
are you in google!!! 
Our mission:  
get YOU on the WEB, @ minimal cost.
Minimum requirements:
1 Name,  2. Activity,
3. Business card and
4. Enthusiam
until the job means more than the pay...
it will not pay more!




Taking your website beyond a Business Card

Our Bargain website offer gets you on the web
This may be no more than a display of your Business Card and simple product brochure... 
if you want more, please consider the options:-
1. YOUR PARTICIPATION; manage and develop the site
2. Outsource - Pay a webmaster

The planning  

Remember the 5 p... Proper planning prevents poor performance
Step by Step .. remember .. start with the basics ..
A website should 1st be   
 -> An introduction to your Business
  • The basics about the Business, the people
 -> An explanation of your Value proposition (what you offer)
  •        ie.,  how you add value to the customer 
           example: FAQ's (Frequent asked questions)
....  ask existing Customers what they like about your business and promote that on the site
How to Build up data and Presentation
tip: The following is the building blocks for a good website, we recommend you follow them in order of presentation:-
Data to display
[  ] who will source and collatte the Data?         [  ]  who will get benefit from the data
[  ] what medium (document system will you use to collatte the data ie., word or excel or pps)
[  ]
is the data to be displayed in summary or detail
Community service
  • Google Index search gives priority to Community Service information -  [  ] What Community service can you offer the Public
  • Making your site look attractive   [  ] pictures that relate to the data
      • tip: Search google images by the topic, copy them or record the link
Add ons
  • videos and animated clip art (images) entertainment - check youtube by topic
Marketing and Promotion
[  ] what value added/community value benefits can you offer the public -  
draws readers to your website
[  ] Cross Marketing 
      [   ] Other Services or Product sites that may be of interest to your client base - link to them and ask them to link to you
The Market awaits you    Optimisation

You can manage and develop your website

But like anything that’s free...
... u need to spend your time

getting started with google Docs 

 View Video demo 

Image google "docs" tutorial videos

 access all

Tips for viewing videos on the internet -  (save your download allowance) 
ok now what.....
1. "Register" at google docs (it's free) ... link below.. but 1st read on..
What is Google docs
  • a free server to make and store word, excel, pps
    • you can make the files private or public
    • you can access them from anywhere in the world
What's the benefit
  • It's free and it's google (the most popular web index in the world)!
How does it help with google sites
  • You can share the the documents Public (in websites) or private with fellow workers or customers. You can give people password access to manage the content.people pulling on a rope Style 002
  •    éby allowing others to contribute (collaborate) we have TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) work.
  •    éless cost, immediate changes, a feeling of ownership
  •    éyou'll quickly discover you can use the knowledge and web server tools - it's free!

To start - join Google Docs

Join ... google docs - click here , (no cost) please take your time to ensure you complete the basic set up.  You will then receive an email verification which you must activate before you can commence using the system.
next, read on to discover the many things you can do with Google docs within Google websites.  
Remember the info you store is under your control so you keep it private or share.
Google docs and sharing with a google websites
resources                                               location                                   owners - can share with others to view or edit!
----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- happy businessman holding files
1. word doc                                           google docs                            us or you - you need to register
2. Excel                                                 google docs                             us or you
3. Power Point                                      google docs                            us or you
4. Photo Album                                     Picasa                                      us or you - you need to register again
           create photo albums of your products or services
5. Video                                                 google / youtube                      us or you - you need to register again
           create video adds of your products or services.                       
6. Bloggs                                               Blogger/google                        us or you - you need to register again
           create brochures or articles about your products or business and get feed back
----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
How does google docs work with google websites 
  • The webmaster control of the website..  however you control your google docs, you create and change.

Google Docs works with Google Website - teamwork!

Example of how we can work together (TEAM) using a Google word document pagepeople pulling on a rope Style 002
I or you create a doc in google docs (a newsletter or an add/brochure), then using the share option the Web manager can display the document in website. Now everytime you or whoever has access to the document makes changesit will auto change in the website.  
Options to display the document
We make a link to another document or location. If we link to another google document outside the website we do not have width limitation.   Example:  click here  another example Thai4u 
Display google doc within the website page
this keeps the viewing in th website.
Must limit the width of the google document to the website size.
We insert a special code in the website to display the document within the website.  example:  click here  
one of us creates a google doc we share access with the other ("edit" rights")          

add ons in Google sites

é A forum where everyone can view topics, reply with comment sample: message board at www.wat.austhai.biz
é Guestbook 
sample in www.wat.austhai.biz and another in www.thailand.austhai.biz 
                                   we use google excel, the customer completes online form and it auto uploads!!!
é Feedback forms - viewer completes online. The data uploads to google excel. This option includes Polls. 
é Create Blogs - the information is populated into the world wide web
é Google maps - show your location with directions on how to get there. sample: www.ps.austhai.biz  
é Calendars can be shared ie., sample in www.wat.austhai.biz
é Links to other websites
Kathys Comments

Websites V's Docs?

Google website ...  displays the info within a website  -  one common location
Google docs is a single document (single or multi pages) - it can be used as a webpage and display inside or outside google sites
A website is a big interconnected Office block or Condo (Gold) whereas "docs" are small office or apartment (silver) 

Example of works

this link AusThai Web - clients list of websites / webpages.     
Feedback  E: web@austhai.biz  T: 0418 927 522 - Phill