SME .. lowest cost (entry point) websites...... 
Minimum COST 
The secret: you DO NOT need an expensive website, you just need to know where to file the page so people can find you in the google search!
all you need to show is
  • Your Business Card and basic Product detail
We can register you in google business Centre at a nominal fee West Australia aud$75.00   Thailand 1200baht 
and when people search google they find you fast including a google map to your store... .. see this example - click here
Go 1 better !!!  
use a low cost single webpage (with password control and update whenever you want). You can show so much in 1 page but keep it simple (samples below).  The cost is approx for West Australia $125 pa..  Thailand 2000baht see the simple examples below
price is + govt charges.

A Single webpage 

The simple way to SUCCESS  "get you on the web"....
Submitting your Business card and a word document outlining your BASIC product details
        • our Host webites for Thailand  West Australia
          Our mission:  
          get YOU on the WEB, @ minimal cost.
          Minimum requirements:
          1 Name,  2. Activity,
          3. Business card and
          4. Enthusiam
          until the job means more than the pay...
          it will not pay more!
          • the pages include user password to m changes anytime
If you are a partner business (supporting our Aust-Thai work) we can promote your business within our main websites, example Thai Law centre  (it includes their Biz Card).

Thailand - 2010-04 we now offer low cost pages in Longdo maps see promotion - click here 

are you in google!!! 
 how the web works...  
Thanks to the Google search engine you "no longer need your own domain (a website), as long as your in the web showing
                        • minimum details and
                        • correctly filed in their system and it's a small cost to get started
it's a small cost to get started

A multi Page (Sub-site)

A sub-website has multiple pages (same capabilities as a website) but resides within a website

Options for a "Bargain price"
  • a single web page or a multi page, both reside withinn a existing domain
    • a single page ... your name appears at the end or the URL (web address)
        • example     www. domainname/yourname
          • you manage content in your page but not our adds & links in the Navigation panel 
    • a multipage ... your name appears at the front of the URL
        • example     www. yourname.domainname
          • you have control of content and navigation panel links but not adds

You can have password access so you can manage all changes - no further web manage costs

Other options

  • Google Business centre registration with google map to your location
  • Free email (gmail) and calendar
  • Free web server storage of word docs and excel (you have full editing rights)
    • The benefit is you (and others) can access the files from anywhere in the world, anytime... that's amazing! 


Sub-Domain names

sub-site name 






Intended purpose/location

WA business

Australia - Thailand Business  

WA (West Australia) - Thai

Thailand Business 

 Single webPage name"yourname." /"yourname""yourname""yourname"

more domain names can be created or you can start your own exclusive domain name (more cost to register and maintain).
Benefit of a single page or sub-site
1. Minimal set up costs and annual renewal
2. Cross advertising to/from other other sub-domain occupants.
      think of the domain as a shopping centre, it drawa more traffic so if your part of that domain your site is receives
      priority in search indexes: See the navigation bar on the left, they are sub-domain sites to Austhai. 
  • Take tour website beyond a Business Card Click here 
  • Internet marketing
    • 85% of business is sourced through the web (google), if your not in the web your paying for less business!    .. click here