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Seeing is Believing
 Website Design, Production and Management
éA Joint venture initiative to interact with Thailand Business Community for S.M.E. Business clients.  

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We do not Promote "High End" products - we focus on SME (low entry point) 
We Liaise your requirements to Associates in Thailand. We may not be as Diverse and as Artistic as the Big Boys, but Thailand will:- Tirelessly, with a Healthy Aptitude and Interest in your Custom.




Bargain Websites

a single webpage is all you need.....  
éSME basic website  .. minimal cost to "get googled" ! more...
          •  SME (Small Medium Enterprise)

Benefits of a website
more than 50% of the population now use internet and most use "google"  ...

Massive cost savings 

promote your business through the web
·  Optimisation of YOUR Website
watch a pps slide show  ... .. just 2 minutes and see the huge benefit and savings!

o    cancel your existing add costs...

o    you control your adds through the web

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éDomain registration and renewal

éLinks to Google Map of your premises    

éDisplay Video or Photo slide show (Customer Photo or Testimonials)
         éCustomers are able to auto upload photos to a Customer Photo Album
éEmail Services for all staff including shared Calendars and live chat
éOn line customer feedback forms
éSpreadsheet registers hidden or in view (Product Catalogues)
éupload file upload for staff or client access (Product catalogue)
éWebsite Traffic volume reporting
évideos, widgets, music Graphics - see live examples: