Why Austbuild?

It’s an important decision

Whether you’re looking at a small or large project, choosing the right builder will play a big part in how you view your building work for years to come.  After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your chosen builder and living in the work they do long after they’ve left. So why would Austbuild be your builder of choice?

The right balance

Austbuild strikes just the right balance between being small and personal and being a professional firm.

While big firms can be too impersonal, with the guy you get to know through the quoting process not always being the guy who turns up to manage your job; a bigger focus on the business side of things instead of the actual building work due to the hefty assets they have to cover and often they’re less flexible and adaptable to any changing needs.

Austbuild is a smaller firm and utilises carefully selected local sub contractors to ensure that the focus is always your building work.  Of course you can still expect to receive a professional service plus you get years of building experience, qualifications, a single point of contact through Greg, top quality building work, a passion and commitment to do the best for you and a courteous and professional experience.

Huge local buy in

Working almost exclusively within Warwick and Leamington, Austbuild has many satisfied customers living locally.  Which is good, as Greg and his family also live here!  Not only could you bump into Greg when you’re out and about, but he’s more than likely to go past your home regularly.  And nothing annoys him more than a bad building job, so you can be sure there’s no way that will be happening!

Support throughout

Greg knows through his years of experience as a builder that it takes more than simply turning up and building what the customer wants.  That it’s the combination of his experience and knowledge plus your ideas and needs that gets you the right work completed.  So support is provided at every step of the way; from designing the work, comparing the quotes, and getting ready for your building work, right through the build processes providing transparent processes and adapting the build to be the best it can be as you go.