Austbuild Who?

What’s in a name?

Austbuild was created in 2000 when Greg found himself on the other side of the world needing to set up a new building firm. The move was not entirely planned and he left behind a thriving building company that he had successfully run with his business partner in Sydney, Australia for a number of years. Yes there was a girl involved in this move! Starting again in a different country was daunting.  So many things to do, and one of them was coming up with a name for the new business venture. Liking simplicity, Austbuild came simply from shortening ‘Australian builder’ and the name has stuck ever since.

Where building is a passion

Australia is way more regulated than the UK when it comes to builders.  You can’t simply pick up a set of tools and start selling your services, you actually have to qualify and know your stuff.  Going against the engineering route that was expected of him, Greg went after his woodwork passion and completed a four year apprenticeship in carpentry.  Although the college training taught him loads, it was the hands experience of working with Paul, the owner of a local building business, that really pushed Greg to his limits.  The expectations of Greg were high, he was worked hard, wasn’t allowed to stop until he got it right, was laughed at, helped and taken out for the odd beer or two.  Those 4 years were insightful, tough and a lot of fun.  They taught Greg how to be a skilled builder, how to focus on the quality and always ensure you don’t leave a job until it’s finished right.  Add an additional 20 years of experience to that solid start and that’s why Austbuild is a trusted local builder today.

A unique view

Building in Australia is different.  Different styles, Different regulations. Different materials. They use their spaces differently and have been creating covered outdoor spaces in their gardens for years.  Combine that with the knowledge and experience of building here in the UK since 2000, Greg can offer a unique perspective on your building work.


Having people in your home is intrusive, and if you have a family it can be particularly tricky.  Greg has a family of his own and is used to working around the needs and challenges of kids.  He’s trustworthy and absolutely expects his high standards to be met by all trades who work on his jobs