Welcome incoming 6th grade Band students

Please visit our New Members page

All students are eligible and welcome to participate in Band classes.  

Any parents/guardians who choose to rent an instrument/purchase the band books can do so on the displayed links 

If you choose not to rent an instrument on your own or purchase the band books, the school will provide an instrument and provide all band books for you.

Please make this request by emailing me at rchisholm@ausdk12.org  

Thank you and welcome!

Rich Chisholm- director


AMS Band Parents Group
We meet once a month in the AMS library 
-all welcome!


Top Quaity


4444 Piedmont Ave
Oakland CA


Buying a new or used instrument? 

Let me help you choose a good quality instrument!

Please  contact Mr Chisholm before you buy!


Yamaha brand is my recommendation for new or used
flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones
top quality, good resale value

Private Lessons

"The best investment you can make 
in your child's musical development"

Albany High School Band Student Tutors
low cost, email Mr Chisholm for list

Albany Music Fund
Local Teacher List available