Welcome to Independence High School

As your teacher, I would like to welcome you to Independence High School located at Century High School. The school is located near the corner of Marengo and Main Street, 20 S. Marengo Avenue, Alhambra.

As a new student, you will be responsible for attending weekly on your scheduled appointment time. For example if your appointment is Monday at 9 am, every Monday for the semester is the time to turn in assignments. This is the time that has been set aside to meet and discuss your assignments. Please call before dropping in without an appointment. If your assignments are completed and there is time available before the next appointment, go on to the next assignment. If you are unsure of what the next assignment is, please call for clarifications. If the assignment is too difficult, do not wait until the next appointment to mention the problem - call and adjustments can be made over the telephone. If students prefer to communicate via email, please email your messages to ulloa_martin@ausd.us. I will respond to your message.

It is my goal at Independence High School to help students complete their coursework required for graduation. Students enter with different needs, some are behind in credits, can't attend school daily, have medical needs or need to work part time. Whatever the case may be, as your teacher I am here to help students achieve their goals. Students may choose to make up credits and return to their home high school, or where others may choose to complete graduation requirements and graduate through Independence High School. It is up to the student to make that decision at the time of enrollment. But if situations change and changes are needed, please share your thoughts early so that changes can be made.


Independence High School Principal

Mr. Phuong Nguyen

Mr. Martin Ulloa, Teacher

Please read the following information.

1. Homework assignments - They are to be completed at home before your next scheduled appointment. Arriving without your homework is the same as being absent from school. If your appointment can not be kept, please call before the scheduled time for a make-up appointment. The telephone number is 626-943-6690. After hours an answer machine will take a message. Calls will be returned the following day. I can also be reached by email:

2. Appointment Hours:

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 11:30 Morning Appointments

12:30 pm to 2:00 pm Afternoon Appointments

Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 noon Make-up Appointments

3. For bus stop locations check with MTA at 800-266-6883 or at www.mta.net

4. Hats are not to be worn on campus unless they meet the District approved guidelines.

5. Dress Code will be strictly enforced. Security will not allow students that do not dress properly.

6. Students are required to check in with security before entering campus. Students are also required to wear an identification badge while on campus. Walk directly to the classroom from the office entrance.

Google Gmail Account

Teachers will be communicating with students and parents via gmail. Int will be essential for students to have a gmail account so they can access Google Docs and Google Calendar. If you do not already have a gmail  account, please go to www.gmail.com and follow the step by step instructions on how to create this free account.

Please make sure to use your name as part of your gmail address. For example: Jane.doe.ihs@gmail.com. To test your email account, please send an email to confirm.

7. Student Calendar 2018/2019

August 10, 2018 Friday School Opens

September 3rd Monday Labor Day - Holiday

August 30th, Thursday Back to School Night, 5 to 7 pm mandatory Parent Meeting

October 8th, Pupil Free Day

November 12th Wednesday Veterans Day - Holiday

November 19th-23rd Thanksgiving Recess

December 20th Thursday End of Fall Semester

December 21st Friday Pupil Free Day

December 22th-January 4th, 2018 Mon-Fri Winter Recess

January 7th Monday School Reopens

January 21st Monday MLK - Holiday

February 11th Monday Lincoln Birthday - Holiday

February 18th Monday Washington's Birthday - Holiday

April 1, Pupil Free Day

March 25th - 29th Mon-Fri Spring Recess

April 25th Thursday, Open House

May 10th Prom 

May 29th Graduation Rehearsal 2:00 pm at Alhambra High School Field

May 27th Memorial Day Holiday 

May 30th, Last day of Spring Semester

May 30th Graduation 6:00pm Friday

8. Restrooms are available before and after school.

9. Students may bring water, but gum and candy are not allowed in the classroom.

10. Homework assignments must have your name, subject, date and units or pages being turned in on the upper right hand corner of the first page. If not labeled properly you may not receive full credit for the work turned in.

11. Parking is limited. Students must park their vehicles on the streets and not on campus parking lots. Violators may be cited by the police department.

12. Lastly, Independent Study is a privilege and you have voluntarily chosen to be assigned to Independence HighSchool. Do not abuse this privilege by failing to keep your weekly appointments. If you can not keep your appointment, remember to call and state your situation. Arrangements can be made to accommodate your situation. After two missed appointments, you will have to meet with Mr. Nguyen, Principal of Independence High School before allowed to continue. His telephone number is 626-943-6681. He is located at Century High School and you will have to call and make an appointment to speak to him. After four missed appointments, the student will be returned to the comprehensive high school.