Native American Project

The first big project this year is on a Native American tribe, in which students will have to become "experts" as they will need to teach the rest of their class what they discover.  This is a group project where the students may choose to work with from 1 to 5 other people, however their individual grade is not based on what the other group members produce.  Each person in a group will sign up for 1 or more specific areas of research for the tribe and they will be graded solely on what they themselves produce.

Each 5th grade group will choose a tribe from a different region to research: Southwest, Plains, Northeast Woodlands, Pacific Northwest, Southeast, Arctic, Mexico or Pacific Islands.  The 4th grade groups will choose a California tribe. The project consists of two parts: a report and a presentation.  The group report will contain a title page, table of contents, information pages produced for each section and a bibliography to be turned in within a report folder.  All 5th grade reports will be due Tuesday, October 25, while 4th grade reports will have until Thursday, October 27, though the groups may borrow it back on the day of their presentation should it be needed. We will begin with 5th grade presentations on Tuesday and continue into the next week doing a few every day, finishing with the 4th grade presentations.

*The bottom portion of the project description page needs to be signed and returned with both parent and student signatures ASAP as it earns the students points towards their overall project grade.

All members of the group will need to participate in the presentation, speaking about their area(s) of expertise.  There should be a poster to hang up during their presentation with a title (their tribe's name) and a picture for each sub-area, along with any necessary captions.

Please see the downloadable project directions located at the bottom of the page.

These links may provide useful information to help students with the project:

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