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Check with your school of residence for dates and times.  School contact information and links to school websites are available on this website.  

Baldwin Elementary 626-943-3300 Monterey Highlands Elementary 626-570-6220  Alhambra High 626-943-6930
Brightwood Elementary 626-570-6200 Northrup Elementary 626-943-6620 Mark Keppel High 626-943-6730
Emery Park Elementary 626-943-3340 Park
 626-943-3640 San Gabriel High 626-943-6830
Fremont Elementary 626-943-3360 Ramona Elementary 626-943-3660   
Garfield Elementary 626-943-3380 Repetto Elementary  626-570-6240 Century/Independence High
Granada Elementary 626-943-3600 Ynez
 626-570-6260 (Alternative Program) 
Marguerita Elementary 626-943-3620      

Transitional Kindergarten

Contact your school of residence to enroll in Transitional Kindergarten.

Alhambra Unified School District is pleased to offer a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Program for students with birthdays between September 2, 2012 and December 2, 2012. For children between December 3, 2012 and February 2, 2013 will be placed on a waiting list. Our TK program will welcome all students in this age group residing within the Alhambra Unified School District.

Our TK classes will be based at seven school sites.  Preliminary assignments of school site are as follows, though adjustments may be made depending on space.

TK Program SiteWill Enroll Students From
Park School
Park and Garfield
Ramona School
Baldwin School
Baldwin and Granada
Northrup School
Northrup and Emery Park
Marguerita School
Marguerita and Fremont
Ynez School 
Ynez and Repetto
Monterey Highlands School
Monterey Highlands and Brightwood


A child is admitted to Kindergarten at the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year if the child's birthdate falls between September 2, 2011 - September 1, 2012.

All Kindergarten students are assigned to their school of residence.



High School (Grades 9-12)

To register into high school, contact the high school of attendance for enrollment information.  To make an appointment
to enroll into high school (new students) call:

Alhambra High School - (626) 943-6930
Mark Keppel High School - (626) 943-6730
San Gabriel High School - (626) 943-6830

Where will my child attend school?

The links below contain boundary maps and a locator by home address to determine your neighborhood school.

Additional Forms/Guides

2017-2018 Grade Level Placement Based Solely on DOB [English]
Caregiver Affidavit | [English] [Español] [中文]
Verification of Residence | [English] [Español] [中文]
Homeless Non-Permanent Residence - McKinney Vento Act | [English/Español/Tiếng Việt]

How to get CA ID from DMV | [English] [Español] [中文]
How to Order Birth Certificates | [English]
How to Change Your Address on Your Mexico ID Card (Matricula Consular) | [English] [Español]

Free Low Cost Immunization Clinics | [English]
Guide to Immunizations Require for School Entry [English]
Oral Health Assessment Requirement Notice | [English] [Español
Oral Health Assessment Requirement Form | [English] [Español] [中文] [Tiếng Việt]
Medical Statement to Request Special Meals / Accomodations Instructions | [English] [Español] [中文] [Tiếng Việt]
Report of Health Examination for School Entry | [English] [Español]
California School Immunization Record Card | [English]