How Acellus Works

Acellus delivers short video lessons taught by some of our nation's greatest teachers. Practice problems are then given to assess understanding of the concepts taught. Students move through the lessons at their own pace. Using Deficiency Diagnostics (DD), Acellus assesses areas of student weakness and gives more help and practice in these areas – further customizing the learning process and filling in holes in students' understanding for a strong learning foundation.

One-on-one Instruction

Acellus virtually, provides each student with one-on-one instruction, allowing them to move at their own pace. If a student struggles in an area, there is no pressure on the student who doesn't understand – or on the teacher, who has to deal both with the students who already do understand, and with the students who are confused.

Additionally, each concept taught in Acellus is presented in a separate video and followed by problems to test each student's understanding. This means that each step in the process of learning is calculated to be as small a bite as possible – and therefore easier to digest.

With one concept taught in each lesson, Acellus can hone in on and identify exactly what the student doesn't understand. This also drastically reduces the length of each lecture, and results in keeping students more engaged.