How do I Ensure Quality Digital Badges?

As we help students develop their 21st Century Skills in the classroom, we want to make sure that we are allowing our students to earn Digital Badges for high quality work. Here are some guiding questions that you can ask yourself to ensure that all Badges you issue to your students are of the highest quality.

            • Does this Badge provide rigor for our students?
            • Can the student demonstrate this skill independently?
            • Has the student had multiple opportunities to show this skill?
            • Is the Badge evidence based?
            • Is the Badge transferable?
            • Is the Badge based on a small/granular skill?

  1. Epstein School Report - Recommendations based on their efforts with Digital Badging
  2. McArthur - Studied 20 badging pilots and gave recommendations based on the functions of the badge system
  3. Research - Collection of case studies and research on badging