South Behavioral Health Team

Behavioral Health Team Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

South Middle School Counseling Department’s vision is to empower our pack by providing all students with social/emotional, academic, and career and college skill development.

Mission Statement

Our empowered South School Counseling Department creates a comprehensive school counseling program grounded in equitable practices that support everyone. We do this by providing individual, small group, and classroom counseling support and skills development grounded in evidence-based approaches. We promote South STRONG Values and encourage our students to LEARN, INSPIRE, AND LEAD.

School Counseling Team

Loretta Erickson

7th Grade Counselor

Jennifer Markway

8th Grade Counselor

How School Counselors Support Students

What is a school counselors role?

As school counselors we meet the needs of ALL students through academics, social/emotional support, and career knowledge and supports. Please visit our other pages to know specific ways we support students at South Middle School.

Some of the ways we support students include (ASCA, 2020):

  • Individual student academic planning and goal setting

  • School counseling classroom lessons based on student success standards

  • Short-term counseling to students

  • Referrals for long-term support

  • Collaboration with families/teachers/ administrators/community for student success

  • Advocacy for students at individual education plan meetings and other student-focused meetings

  • Data analysis to identify student issues, needs and challenges

Exceptional Student Services Team (ESS)

Spencer Abrahamson

School Social Worker

Taylor Ira

School Psychologist

How the ESS Team Supports Students

Mission Statement

It is imperative that each student with a disability be held to high expectations and provided with unique supports from all stakeholders while addressing the social-emotional, adaptive, and academic needs in order to shape a successful future.

Social/Emotional Supports

  • Service providers, including our school psychologist and social workers, support students on Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) with social & emotional services, including direct and indirect mental health interventions.

  • Through social & emotional learning, our South students develop skills, knowledge and disposition to manage themselves and relationships with others effectively. Our ESS team helps to instill responsible decisions within our students, that are essential for personal and social well-being.

  • At South, we have an Affective Needs Program, which provides intensive, individualized academic and social-emotional supports for students with significant social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.