College Recognition

Colorado Colleges:

In 2003, Colorado passed legislative bill [HB1108] that guarantees students who earn the IB Diploma will receive a minimum of 24 hours of credit if they attend a Colorado four-year public college or university. 

Note- Colorado School of Mines is not under the requirements of this bill; however, they do publish their own score criteria for awarding college credits for IB scores.  Other public institutions of higher learning may grant less than 24 credits only if the diploma holder has scored less than a 4 in one or more subjects, and then credit hours may be reduced accordingly.  IB scores for each subject are on a 1-7 scale, with 4 being the 'middle' score.

You are urged to look at the individual campus policies for how they award the IB score credits in various subjects. All state-supported 4-year schools are required to publish their up-to-date IB credit award information electronically on their individual campus websites.    

Colleges in the US and Canada:

The IB Diploma has wide recognition in the US, and worldwide.  Many of the most selective US schools do not grant college credit for the IB, but consider a IB Diploma Candidate very desirable in their admissions process.  For example, Harvard, Yale, and other "Ivy League" schools typically accept 25-35% of the IB Diploma Candidate student applications, whereas they may only accept about 10% of non-Diploma applicants.  The IB Diploma does not guarantee admission, but it does increase a student's chances for admission at highly selective schools.


Colleges Worldwide:

For more details about colleges throughout the world, click here to search IB information by country on the IBO website.

Find "The IB in-" dropbox on the bottom left sidebar of that screen. Choose a country, then search the college dropbox for each campus in that country. Information about that college, including their policies regarding the IB Diploma is available when you select a particular college or university. 

Note- you should always check with an individual campus that you are interested in for the most up-to-date information, as schools often neglect to update the various sites with which they have provided information.

The IB Diploma is certainly recognized throughout the world as a "quality education" to prepare students for university and life beyond.