Google Classroom

Welcome to the Google Classroom Learning Modules. In order to complete the module, you need to click on the module link. 

This online course is for teachers, administrators, and Division of Equity in Learning community support team members. After completing this course, participants will be able to create, share, and maintain a Google Classroom for their students or other participants. 

Although this is an online course, Ed Tech Coaches are available for support throughout the course. Please contact your coach for help.

Participants may complete any or all of the following Learning Modules. The one-page module contains all the links you need to complete the module. It contains Objectives, Activities (with help sheets), Resources, Assignment Page, and Survey Form. The credit award will be based on the completion of modules after the participant completes the final survey form. Each module is worth 1 contact hour.

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Google Classroom 1

Classroom Basics Module

  • Sign into Google Classroom

  • Add a Class

  • Apply a Theme

  • Add a Class Resource Page (About Section)

  • Set Notifications

  • Add Co-Teachers

Google Classroom 2

Managing Students Module

  • Invite students to a class

  • Add students by code

  • Reset or disable class code

  • Sort students

  • Email all or individual students

  • Remove student from course

  • Set class permission for student comments

Google Classroom 3

Creating and Grading Assignments

  • Create an Assignment

  • Edit an Assignment

  • Grade Student Assignments

  • Send Feedback to Students

  • Change Points Possible

  • Download Assignment Grades

Google Classroom 4

Classroom Announcements and Other Resources

  • Show Deleted Items

  • Post an Announcement

  • Edit/Delete an Announcement

  • Edit Student Posting Permissions

  • Posting a Question

  • Access Classroom Folder on Google Drive

  • Send Feedback to Google

  • Archive classes

Google Classroom 5

Using Classroom as a Student

  • Sign in to Classroom as a Student

  • Add a Class

  • Post to the Class Stream

  • Send Email within Classroom

  • Change Account Settings

  • Add Another Class

  • Unenroll from a Class

Google Classroom 6

Assignments on the Students Side

  • View Your Assignments

  • Turn in an Assignment

  • Edit a Turned in Assignment

  • Mark Assignments as Done

  • View a Returned Assignment

Google Classroom 7a & b

Doctopus & Goobric in Classroom

  • Create Assignment to Use with Doctopus & Goobric

  • Install and Run Doctopus

  • Install and Run Goobric

  • Grade Assignments using Goobric