Digital Writing Process

Welcome to the Digital Writing Process Learning Modules. In order to complete the module, you need to click on the module link. 

This online course is for teachers in any content area. After completing this course, participants will be able to guide their students complete the writing process using digital tools.

Although this is an online course, Ed Tech Coaches are available for support throughout the course. Please contact your coach for help.

Participants may complete any or all of the following Learning Modules. The one-page module contains all the links you need to complete the module. It contains Objectives, Activities (with help sheets), Resources, Assignment Page, and Survey Form. The credit award will be based on the completion of modules after the participant complete the final survey form. Each module is work 1-2 contact hours.

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Digital Writing Process #1


  • Graphic Organizers

  • Google Drawing

  • Recording Brainstorming with Audio Tools

  • Lucid Charts

  • Planning Sheets

Digital Writing Process #2


  • Research Tool

  • Bibliography Tool

  • Read and Write for Google

  • Speech Recognition

  • Chrome Tools

Digital Writing Process #3

Revising and Editing

  • Text Comments

  • Voice Comments

  • Suggesting Mode

  • Revision History

  • Draftback Extension

  • GradingHelp

  • Student Checklists

Digital Writing Process #4


  • Writing and Illustrations

  • Video

  • Animation

  • Presentation

Digital Writing Process #5

Assessing Digital Writing

  • Self-Reflection Rubric

  • Additional Rubrics

  • Doctopus & Goobric