Mr. Bonewell's Online Classroom

Terry Bonewell: Instructor - BA: History, MA: Education
Voice-mail: 303-326-4160
Classes: Civics, S. Civics, U.S. History


1.      Respect everyone!

2.      Do work when it is assigned and use classroom time wisely.

3.      One person talks at a time.

4.      Be on time to class.

5.      Be prepared with all proper materials.

6.      Have a good attitude!

Make-up Work & Tardiness:

      Students are expected to be in class on-time. Excessive tardiness will result in detention from the Dean’s office and a reduction in your final grade. 

      Any Tardy more than 15 minutes from the start of class is counted as an absence.

      Assignments that are due on the day you missed are due the day you return from your absence. 

      Always check with the instructor the day you return to get makeup work and due dates for the days you missed.

      Failure to get makeup work will result in missing assignments with no credit.

      Make sure to see instructor before or after class.  You may also schedule an appointment.

      Any unexcused absence will results in no credit for assignments missed.  However the assignment may still be required to be completed to receive a final grade. 

      As always, exceptions to the rules may be made on a case-to-case basis.


Late Work:

  • NO LATE WORK: All work must be turned in (inbox, email) by 9pm the day the assignment is due. Any work not turned in will not be accepted. Work that has been turned in and graded may be redone for additional credit. YOU MAY ONLY REDO WORK THAT HAS BEEN TURNED IN ON TIME! NO Exceptions!


At Gateway we will use a standard based grading system. Grade book marks are converted to a single letter grade for eligibility and quarter reports. Grades are recorded on an official Gateway transcript.




7 - 8

The student consistently and independently demonstrates proficient and advanced understanding in course concepts and skills in a variety of assessments.


5 - 6

The student independently demonstrates proficiency in course concepts and skills in a variety of assessments.


3 - 4

The student demonstrates proficiency in course concepts and skills with teacher and peer support.



The student demonstrates limited understanding and application of course content and skills, and is making progress towards proficiency.


0 - 1, M

The student has shown insufficient evidence to gauge understanding of progress.

Grade Book Marks:

Marks indicate levels of proficiency on individual assessment and are recorded in the teacher grade book (Infinite Campus). An 8 point system will be used to indicate the level of proficiency in 3 categories.
  • Summative Assessments: 50%
  • Formative Assessments:  40%
  • Habits of Work: 10%

Grade Marks







Partially Proficient





  • An “M” mark indicates a missing assignment that may be completed due to absences or other reasons.
  • A “0” zero mark indicates an assignment was not turned in or was unsatisfactory and may not be made-up. 
  • The student attitude, effort, and attendance, will have a bearing on their final grade.
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