Aurora Public Schools

Digital Badge Program

21st Century Credentials:

Recognizing Assets, Opening Doors.

Partner with a Clinton Global Initiative: Commitment to Action Plan

Employers have long indicated their desire for high school diplomas that better serve as predictors of an applicant’s likelihood of being an effective employee. Traditional metrics, such as GPA, while important, provide limited evidence that students possess the knowledge, skills and character to be successful employees. 

College and Career Readiness Skills

Aurora Public Schools (APS) is looking to address this gap in skills documentation through Digital Badges, an innovative way to offer students micro-credentials in professional competencies that have been difficult to measure but which are essential to workplace success.  As part of our effort to engage, prepare, and position students for successful participation in college and the workforce, APS has developed a series of college and career readiness Digital Badges.  

Check out our Digital Badging Overview and the links above for more information.