This google site chronicles the adventures of AP English and all of the good things that we've read all year! 

Hello! I am a girl dedicated to being lost in the world (most of the time, literally lost). I wish I had been a young adult in the 1970s. I own a typewriter and am entranced by the past. I love cacti, 90s chick flicks and Wes Anderson, fancy European names, ice cream, bright colors, and mason jars. I left my heart in New York. I am crazy about breakfast, appetizers, dessert, and nothing in between. 

Reading is my passion
English and I have led a contradictory existence. 
    I moved from South Korea to Denver, Colorado not knowing a single word of English at age four. Perhaps it sounds melodramatic to say that a four year old had a hard time adjusting to a new place, but I was so bad at letting go of the past. English represented all the unfamiliar faces and culture shock that I experienced. I started warming up to this new, strange language after reading books upside down. Ever since then, I’ve had a love for books, encouraged by the lack of cable TV. 
    I struggled a lot with sophomore year in general because I was following a path that wasn't representative of who I was. I was about to repeat the same mistake junior year until Mrs. Fore intervened. One fateful afternoon in the counseling office, Mrs. Fore made me choose between APUSH and Honors English. In that split second (she said I couldn’t leave if I didn’t make a choice), I went with my gut feeling and chose Honors English. I couldn’t imagine a year without people who liked English, reading a lot of books, and being all intellectual about literature. Nothing could have prepared me for Mrs. Long’s class but it was the greatest journey of my entire high school career. 
    After such a mind altering English class, I knew I had to check AP English when creating my senior schedule. I wanted that same community people connected by hard work and love for English and literature. I definitely don’t regret taking this class. 
I love writing narratives. It’s fun to be sassy and have some personality rather than always keeping that stoic, academic tone. I enjoy relating my own personal experiences to whatever we happen to be reading. I’ve always had a soft spot for writing fiction. Although I have read quite the collection of chick lit, I enjoy reading social criticisms whether it be something by Jane Austen, EM Forster, or Frankenstein. It’s almost ironic to see the same problems that Jane Austen battled resurface in modern culture. I enjoy reading prose much more than poetry. 
    It’s difficult to choose just one text that I have enjoyed much more than others. Moby Dick will definitely live on with me for a long, long time. I didn’t think I would make it through the entirety but I was sucked into the world of Captain Ahab and his fight against Moby Dick. Perhaps it was the chapter by chapter reflections or the uncanny similarities between Captain Ahab and historical figures, but it will have a special place in my heart. 
I am most proud of my college Common App essay and the term paper I wrote for Mrs. Long's class last year. Both works represent ample amounts of effort, editing, and late nights. 

I love everything about cookware, shopping, and cute little sticky notes. I write everyone and everything letters and watching various documentaries. CATS ARE MY LIFE.

Follow me on my literary journey! 

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