2. Inquiry

Students determine their own research question through intensive field observations.

Research questions from previous classes:
  • When are Big Brown Bats, Eptesicus fuscus, most active?
  • How does fungal diversity vary in each area of Green Wing?
  • How does aquatic diversity of arthropods vary among ponds at Green Wing?
  • Is number of female Red-winged Blackbirds in a male territory dependent on the size of the territory?
  • Does salamander larvae abundance differ among microhabitats (high vegetation, low vegetation, sunny areas, shady areas) and among different ponds at Green Wing?
  • Does the frequency of songbird singing vary among species and time in the morning?
  • What is the diversity of invertebrates in rotting logs?
  • What is the species richness of birds in grasslands, forest, and wetlands at Green Wing?