5. Day-to-day activities

Day 1: Meet at 9:00 AM in zoology lab. Quiz over Field Notebook. Study selected vertebrates. Quiz over vertebrates. Leave for Green Wing. Shop for food. Introduction to Green Wing.

Days 2-4: Field observations; asking questions; paper discussions in evening. First paper discussion on the evening of Day 2. List of 15 research questions due by evening of Day 3. By this time, each student must have chosen one of these questions for their research.

Day 5: Design experiment.

Day 6: In the AM: class discussion of questions and peer review.

Days 6-7: Setting up experiment. Paper discussion in the evening of Day 7.

Days 8-11: Data collection. Paper discussion in the evening of Day 9.

Day 12: Analyzing data and making presentation of work.

Day 13: Class presentations and final reflection assignment. Clean up and leave for school (home) after lunch.