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Research in Field Biology (BIOL465)

Professor: Stephen B. Hager, Ph.D., stevehager@augustana.edu, 309.794.3439 (office),

**Flier for summer 2013 class is at left / Class will run from 27 May - 9 June 2013**

Research in Field Biology
is a senior inquiry class taught at
Green Wing Environmental Laboratory during the summer. Students conduct field-based biological research using the scientific method, which includes asking research questions, identifying the methods that address the question, developing an experiment, collecting and analyzing data, and discussing results in a formal research presentation.

This course satisfies the senior inquiry requirement for graduation with a biology major.

Student may use Augie Choice funds for the summer tuition
associated with this research experience.

HERE is a recent syllabus for Research in Field Biology.

My overarching goal for this class is to encourage curiosity about the natural world using a field-based approach.

I believe that serious inquiry about the natural world is fundamentally tied to one's curiosity and wonder. I try to enable curiosity in students by providing opportunities for them to experience the natural world and by modelling my own sense of wonder.

In addition, I explore with students others' perspectives on curiosity and outdoor exploration by assigning two paper discussions. The first is a essay we read and discuss--titled "Wonder of Science"--was published by Hanni Muerdter (2005, Conservation Biology, 19(4): 987-989), who wrote this paper as an undergrad in one of her classes at Oberlin College. The second paper discusses Rosenzweig's Reconciliation Ecology, Pyle's Extinction of Experience, and the emotional benefits of spending meaningful time in an non-urbanized area (Miller 2005).

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