Implementation strategies

GETTING STARTED WITH GENOME ANNOTATION. Questions A-E are best described as "guided inquiry" where the instructor determines the system and the process of the inquiry. However, students could be given complete control of choosing the system once they understand how to use the bioinformatics programs.

Project A.  Question - Is the original (automated) gene call accurate? (Re-annotation approach - also called "deeper annotation")

Project B:  Question - Have the genes in a particular region of a chromosome been accurately called? (Chromosome region approach).

Project C:  Question - Does my organism-of-interest possess the genes for a particular pathway, process or cellular structure? (Pathway approach)

Project D:  Question - what is a predicted function of a gene identified as "hypothetical"? (Hypothetical genes approach)

Project E:  Question - Does a particular gene in the chosen bacterial genome show evidence of being acquired by horizontal gene transfer?  There is a specific module in GENI-ACT related to this question. (Horizontal gene transfer approach)

Other questions.  A myriad of other questions can be asked that utilize some or all of the bioinformatics tools associated with GENI-ACT.  If a benchtop component to a bioinformatics project is desired, functional genomics projects are also available. See the "Additional Questions" page for additional project ideas.