Kristy Raasch: GIS ePortfolio

This site was created for the purpose of recording skills gained, projects accomplished, and a list of data sources used throughout an introductory GIS/Remote Sensing course at Augustana College.

The overarching learning objective of this course was to be able to use GIS to solve real-world problems. In order to accomplish this goal I have learned:
  1. How to translate real-world problems into GIS concepts and to choose appropriate data and tools for analysis.
  2. How to identify and obtain or create necessary data for analysis and critically assess its appropriateness for a given projects
  3. How to manage data to tailor it to analysis needs
  4. How to select and apply GIS analysis tools to create new data that answers a question
  5. How to interpret and critically evaluate results
  6. How to create appropriate output which effectively communicates results to others

Please use the tabs at the top of the page (or click below) to navigate to different pages which elaborate on the following themes showing my progress as a GIS user:

Weekly Journal - a record of knowledge gained through class lecture, readings, tutorials and exercises.

Skills List - an annotated compilation of the many specific GIS skills learned.

Class Projects - descriptions of group and individual GIS projects completed.

Data Sources - a list and assessment of sources found/used.