Bird Conservation (BIOL464) 
Senior Inquiry: Biology Literature

Augustana College

Spring 2012

Professor: Stephen B. Hager, Ph.D.,
stevehager@augustana.edu, 309.794.3439 (office),

Course Description

Students will study the literature on how natural bird populations are affected by various biotic and abiotic environmental factors. Knowledge of bird biology and behavior will be derived, in part, from weekly field trips. Using the "known" (i.e., literature and the scientific method) and field observations, students will ask a novel question about bird conservation and propose the rationale and methods to address this question.

Intent of this webpage
I maintain this site to summarize the results of our weekly birding field trips.  Each trip's data are uploaded to eBird.org, then presented on this website for students to study since field quizzes each week (or so) assess student understanding of bird diversity examined previously.  I also intend for students to make the spatial connections between each trip's observations and the local features of a site.  Ultimately, students should assemble a conclusion about bird community structure in relation to urban land cover diversity in the Quad City landscape.