Biology Department Chair
    Dr. Kimberly Murphy

Biology Faculty
    Dr. Tierney Brosius         Dr. Troy Larson               
    Dr. Kristin Douglas         Dr. Rafael Medina                                    
    Mrs. Stephanie Fuhr       Dr. Tim Muir         
    Dr. Kevin Geedey             Dr. Kimberly Murphy            
    Dr. Scott Gehler                Dr. Lori Scott               
    Dr. Stephen Hager           Dr. Bob Tallitsch
    Mr. Brad Kennedy            Dr. Dara Wegman-Geedey
  Dr. Jason Koontz  
 Visiting Biology Faculty
    Dr. Young Yoo
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Advising Coordinator
/ Mrs. Stephanie Fuhr
Within the Biology Department, Mrs. Fuhr organizes student-faculty advising.  When you are prepared to declare a major in Biology or Pre-Medicine you must visit Mrs. Fuhr to be assigned to your major advisor.  We assign students to a faculty member who has similar interests and areas of expertise so that they may help the student not only with scheduling and course work, but also with preparing to move on after leaving Augustana, whether going into the workforce or moving on to further Graduate studies.  

Students may declare a major in the Biology department at specific times during the year.  Please look at the Major Declaration page for details. Major Declaration forms are available at the Registrar's office.