Mission Statement

Objective:  to provide scholarships and enhanced career-building programming to students majoring in the sciences at Augustana College.
Overview:  The Augustana College Science Scholars Program will financially support and provide high impact educational experiences to academically talented undergraduates.  One focus of the ACSS program is to enhance the educational experience of students of color and/or community college transfer students who are majoring in biology and/or biochemistry.  However, students of all ethnic backgrounds who are pursuing careers in the science fields are eligible to participate and should consider applying to the program.  The cornerstone of this project is student participation in the Meiothermus ruber Genome Annotation Project, which is an authentic research experience established in collaboration with the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute’s Interpret a Genome Project. Other components of the Scholars Program include these activities: 1)  enhanced student support services (e.g., tutoring, advising, leadership training, career programming, internships); and 2) offering high-impact teaching strategies, such as a summer bridging program, a 1st-Year Scholars learning community and 1st-Year research opportunity.