Q1.  If I have less than $10,000/year financial need at Augustana, as determined by FAFSA, can I still apply for the ACSS program?
Answer:  Yes, you can still apply. The ACSS program is primarily a scholarship program enhanced with academic and extra-curriculuar activities.  In its inaugural year, ACSS Scholars must have some level of financial need.  It's possible that this restriction may be waived in future years. 
Q2.  Once accepted into the ACSS program, what must I do to keep the scholarship?
Answer:   For more details about the criteria for continued support, see the ACSS Scholarship Information page.
Q3.  Do I reapply each year for the scholarship?

Answer:  The intent of the scholarship is to support the recipient until graduation from Augustana, assuming the awardee continues to meet all scholarship criteria (e.g., financial need, academic performance, full-time status, reasonable progress toward the degree).  Once the scholarship is awarded, then it remains in effect until graduation or for a duration of 4 years for those who received the scholarship as a 1st year student or for a duration of 2 years for those to transferred into Augustana with Junior standing. The ACSS program director will negotiate the length of support for students who transfer in less than 60 credits from another college or university.

Q4.  Is it required that I participate in the summer research experience?

Answer:  Participation in most ACSS programming is optional, with the exception of the Fall BIOL150/Becoming Biologists section and the linked sections of LSFY101 (1st Years) and LSC201 (transfer students).  Students whose career choices are in areas outside of biology and biochemistry are likely to prefer experiences within their field of interest.  The ACSS program director will work with other science department chairs to identify similar research opportunities, if requested.