Welcome to SMS Tech Ed

        Welcome! This year we are looking forward to some interesting and exciting activities.
 In Tech Ed we will be working with Lego Robots again in 2nd and 3rd period 8th grade. We have been using the LEGO NXT robots for the last few years and some of the inventions the students have come up with are simply amazing.
 The 7th grade classes is still working on their drafting and engineering drawing activities. Pretty soon we will start designing and building our balsa wood bridges. The entire point of this activity is to build the most efficient bridge possible. That means the one that weighs the least and supports the most weight.
 In the 6th grade we will be learning about simple machines and how they show up in the tools in the shop and discover the wonders of flight. 

In our 6th and 7th grade extensions classes we will be doing stop motion animations with cameras and some special software.