Teacher Evaluation Committee

The Teacher Evaluation Committee was organized to align Augusta County Public Schools' Teacher Evaluation
process with Virginia's 2011 Guidelines for the Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria for Teachers

Many thanks to the following for their contributions:

Eric W. Bond, Ed.D. 
Molly Brady
Donald D. Curtis 
Patricia Devitt, Ed.D. 
Tina Kiracofe
Tammy Lightner 
Amanda Massie
John L. Matherly
Jon McClure
Gordon Mowen 
Doug Shifflett, Ed.D. 
Lisa M. Shifflett 
Alan Shull 
Lee Ann Whitesell 
Jane Wright
Assistant Superintendent of Personnel
Teacher, Buffalo Gap High
Principal, Wilson Middle
Director of Pupil Services
Supervisor, Language Arts and Foreign Language 
Teacher, Riverheads Elementary
Teacher, Hugh K. Cassell Elementary
Director of Instruction
Teacher, S. Gordon Stewart Middle
Supervisor, Assessment and Guidance
Principal, Wilson Memorial High
Supervisor, Career and Technical Education 
Assistant Principal, Fort Defiance High 
Director, Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School 
Principal, Stump Elementary