What About ... ?

Why not stay with GroupWise?

GroupWise continues to require server upgrades. Support for multiple clients on multiple operating systems lags the market, and their future is more web based (like Gmail). If we don’t move to Gmail now, we will be forced to change again and upgrade to GroupWise 2014. We are faced with continuous upgrades, maintaining and keeping the server running, not having resilient servers, living with client issues, and maintaining our own SPAM firewall. Client based (not web based) collaboration and calendar features are not consistent across multiple operating systems. Mobility (activesync for phones and tablets) requires support and troubleshooting of a separate server; as mobile devices continue to change, issues arise.

Will my email address change?

No.  Your username and password and email address will stay the same. Managing your password and yearly password changes will also remain the same.

Is our data private?

Our data on Google Apps for Education is protected by our education specific terms of service with Google, which guarantee:

  • No ads, no email scanning
  • We own the data
  • Our calendars are private
  • CORE Apps include: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites.
  • For more details, see the Google for Education Trust Page 
  • Consumer apps like Google Plus, YouTube, and Hangouts require our GAE users to click through the consumer terms of service.

What will happen to my archived email?

If you wish to keep your archived email, we can migrate it to Gmail. You will not need to use a separate archive process with Gmail.

Will my address book transfer?

Yes, your address books can be moved over.  This would be a good time to clean up your addresses to make sure that only good information gets transferred over. Frequent contacts is often a mess unless you work hard to maintain it. We suggest you drag important, relevant frequent contacts to a personal address book.

What about my mailing lists?

Mailing lists are Groups in Gmail.

Can I still give proxy access to my email/calendar?

Yes.  This feature is also available in Gmail.  

How will I get my email after the switch?

Accessing your email will be done from a browser window (FireFox or Chrome are recommended).  This is similar to the way you get GroupWise web mail now.

Will I still be able to get my email and calendar on my phone or tablet?

Yes.  You can set up your device to get mail just like you get it now or you can use specific Google apps for these functions.

How much space will I have in the new account?

Google Apps for education have unlimited storage for email (and Drive).  No more full Inbox and no need to archive mail off the server.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office on campus systems is not affected, we will still provide Office on all campus systems and are not encouraging any move from Office to Drive Apps. Office documents are easily shared via Drive. Mail Merge works better and allows more features with Gmail than with GroupWise. Office documents are easily dragged/dropped into Gmail messages. If too large for email, Gmail offers the option of sharing via Drive.