Physical Education Rules



Each student’s dress in physical education class will consist of the following: t-shirt, sweat shirt, shorts, or sweat pants. These items must be one of the following colors: gray, green, gold, black or white. A school-approved uniform consisting of any of these colors will be available through the school. Uniforms are not permitted to be the same clothes that the student wore to school.


1.      All students are responsible for proper attire in the physical education classes, such as:

a.      Socks and sneakers – sneakers must have laces and must be appropriately tied. (rubber-soled shoes, hiking boots, or any type of shoe with a heel are not considered a sneaker)

b.      Gym shorts (must have elastic waist band) must be worn at the waist and must be an appropriate length.

c.      T-shirts (must have sleeves and can not have any language or symbols pertaining to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any other inappropriate topics)

d.      Sweat suit

e.      Underwear may not be worn as outerwear


NOTE: Students not properly attired for physical education class may not participate and will lose credit for the day.


2.      Physical Education attire should be neat and clean and should have the student’s name printed on each item.


3.      All clothes and other belongings should be locked in the student’s locker. Locks and belongings must be removed at the end of each period. Students are not to keep any valuables (money, watches, jewelry, etc.) in their locker at any time. All valuables should be given to an instructor to be secured at the beginning of class.


NOTE: The school is not responsible for any items stolen from a locker.



     4.      Students being excused from class for a medical reason must report to their instructor dressed in their physical education attire. The student will then be sent to the school nurse for a medical excuse. A note from the student’s parent/guardian will excuse the student from participation for one day each marking period. A note from a medical doctor will be required for a student who needs more than one day excused without participating. This note must be presented to the student’s instructor within one week of the injury/illness. Any student who is excused from class for a period of one week or longer will be assigned equivalent instruction for credit. Students with an extended medical excuse will be required to update their doctor’s note every thirty (30) days. STUDENTS WHO RECEIVE A MEDICAL EXCUSE FROM THE SCHOOL NURSE OR HAVE AN UNEXCUSED ABSENCE FROM CLASS MUST MAKE ARRANGEMENTS WITH THEIR INSTRUCTOR TO MAKE UP THE CLASS THAT WAS MISSED.


5.      Students who are placed on home tutoring, suspended, or medically excused from class will be required to participate in the alternative physical education program. Students are to check with the instructor who is responsible for taking their attendance in class to determine what alternate work needs to be done. Students will be given a written assignment or sport folio to be completed.


6.      Eating or drinking in the gymnasium or physical education locker room during class is prohibited.


7.      Students are responsible for making up any work that they miss when they are absent.


8.      Students who are unprepared for gym four times in any marking period will result in a failing grade for that marking period.
The AHS physical Education staff enforces a strict " No Bullying or Harrassment Policy."


In-School Suspension
  • One sportfolio per day of ISS
  • Worth ten points/one letter grade  
  • The student must tell Mr. Furlong who his/her activity teacher is to be graded accordingly.
External Suspension
  • One sportfolio every 5 days, returned to activity teacher.
Other Absences
  • One sportfolio every 5 days, returned to activity teacher.

Homebound Instruction
  • Essays only. 
  • Topic of teacher's choice
  • Junior High = 1 page, double spaced, Times New Roman
  • High School= 2 page, double spaced, Times New Roman
Medical Excuses
  • Two sportfolios per rotation to be assigned by their locker room teacher only. 
  • Students will sign out the sportfolio on a sheet in their designated locker room to keep track of #'s and packet topics.
  • Students will submit the sportfolio to their activity teacher for a grade.
  • The sportfolios do not go home and must be returned to the designated locker room . 
  • After 10 sportfolios for the calendar year, the student must complete an essay of a topic decided by the teacher for the remainder of the medical excuse.
  • Junior High = 1 page, double spaced, Times New Roman
  • High School= 2 page, double spaced, Times New Roman

  • Teacher will seek accommodations from Guidance Dept. and follow doctor recommendations.



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