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Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

  1. Check Mansion Avenue Homepage at audubonschools.org; Click on Safety Patrol link under the Parent link; Message should appear giving directions for safeties regarding their posts.


  2. Wind Chill Factor is 15 degrees or below street safeties DO NOT report. School safeties should report to their post at the appropriate time. You will receive a phone call if you should NOT go on post.


  3. An all-call will go out when posts are canceled.


  4. If you do NOT get a phone call or do NOT see a message on the Safety Patrol web page you ARE to report to post!


  5. If school is suspected to be canceled due to inclement weather, check the radio or internet. If school is canceled, do NOT go on post.


  6. Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather. Hats, gloves, boots, and coats or ponchos should be worn.


  7. If you are on post or are walking to your post and you hear thunder you need to seek the closest shelter either your own house or a school (Haviland or Mansion) whichever is closest to you.

  8. Of course, it is up to the parent's discretion whether students should report.  If your child is not reporting to post please let either the advisors know by email or lieutenants know by phone.  

  9. Safeties are expected to report to post in rain, sleet, hail or snow.  They should be wearing their poncho during any inclement weather.