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Safety Patrol Responsibilities Reminder: You need to set an example!

• Arrive at your post early 5 minutes (8:05-8:23, 3:00-3:15 West-side) (7:50-8:05 East-side)

• Determine how to judge a safe gap for your posted position

• Take a position at least one step back from the curb (or edge of the street), arms down at a 45 degree angle, palms facing back. Check all directions for traffic

• Keep students a safe distance from traffic

• Keep arms and palms positioned to hold all students from traffic until there is a safe gap

• Never allow students to walk in front of a car that stops to allow them to cross

• Step aside and motion students across the street

• Continue to monitor traffic, when the safe gap ends, cut the flow of students A patrol member should only step into the street far enough to see around an obstruction.

Reporting Dangerous Practices

When a patrol member observes a dangerous practice they should:

• Politely explain the risk to the offender (if it is another student)

• Seek an adult if the behavior continues

• Only touch another student in an emergency

• Report dangerous situations to a patrol officer or Patrol Supervisor for follow-up.  If another patrol member is involved in a dangerous practice, this should be reported to the Patrol Supervisor.


Demerits are given for:

• Attempting to direct traffic

• Leaving the sidewalk

• Allowing children to cross without ensuring the way is clear

• Leaving their post without permission

• Being tardy or absent without an acceptable reason

• Behavior unbecoming a patroller

• Arriving for duty without badge, belt, or poncho

·   Failure to call your Lieutenant for a sub  or not knowing  your Lieutenant