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Mrs. Felix's Calendar
January 2 - 4, 2013
Happy New Year

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing break.  Good luck in the New Year!  Please read your guided reading books, Bear books and do your word wall or letter practice.  On Thursday, I will be assessing each child in AIM’s Web.  This is the mid-year assessment which will include, letter naming, letter sounds, nonsense word reading and repeating breaking of sounds in words.  Next week we will begin mid-year Kindergarten assessment.  Students will do office work and will need to be good listeners to follow the directions to show everything that they have learned and know.  On Monday, January 14, I will work with each child one on one to do additional assessment.


Wednesday, January 2- We learned the sounds of all of the letters and how to make all of the capital letters.  Students are now responsible for making them correctly.  Today we started lower case letters.  We are working on line placement with these letters.  We began with c.  This is a short lower case letters.  We practiced with a huge walk on number line to help us with our addition and subtraction.  Number lines are a good tool.  We talked about the New Year, 2013 and what wishes that we hope to have.  We wrote one for school, one for home and one for the world.  We also started our Journal writing.  We will write in it 3 or 4 days per week.  It begins with students copying a sentence starter, which helps with letter placement and gives copying practice.  Then they have to finish the sentence by stretching or pushing sounds for write the rest of the sentence.  They also get to draw a picture with it.  Please send in, by Friday, new thin crayons, thin markers and 3 glue sticks to help replenish your child’s supplies for the rest of the year. 


Thursday, January 5-  We learned lower case c today.  It is also a short letter that fits between the bottom and middle lines.  We continued to work with number lines to do our math.  Do the practice sheet.  Tomorrow bring in something that was your favorite gift that you got for holiday.  We will not be playing it but the student will be telling us about it and why it is their favorite.  Please put it in a bag with your child’s name on the bag.  Tomorrow is Spirit Day.  Wear Green and Gold.


Friday, January 6-   We talked about Vowels today.  The Vowels are A, E, I, O, and U.  Every word must have a vowel in it.  We talked about “Long Vowels”.  These are vowels that are easy to hear.  They say their name.  We filled in missing vowels in words like cake, poke, and line.  We practiced lower case s today.  It is also a short letter.  We used a pattern block template to make a special picture today.


I hope you were glad to be back in school.  Have a great weekend!

Continue to practice

·         Name writing and grip

·         Rhymes    

  • syllables
  • teen numbers
  • patterns and sorting

·         Letter id

·         Letter sounds

·         Number id

·         One to one counting of objects

·         Letter writing- ones we have learned

·         Class name reading

·         Ordering numbers

·         Cutting

·         Making hands stronger with hole puncher, tweezers, play dough

·         Reading word wall words & color words

·         Making shapes learned

·         Reading books in book box

·         Counting to 30

·         Counting backwards