School Counseling

The purpose of school counseling is to help each child reach their full potential within the school environment.
What is an Elementary School Counselor?
  • A person that helps ALL Children
  • A resource person for teachers, parents, and administrators
  • A liaison with outside individuals and agencies
  • A coordinator
  • A consultant
  • A friend
What do Counselors do?
My counselor:
  • Talks with me when I am happy, sad, angry, nervous, etc.
  • Visits my classroom and teaches lessons
  • Talks with me about schoolwork, myself, or others
  • Helps me feel better about myself
  • Speaks with parents and teachers to help me
  • Facilitates student Groups
  • Uses the community as a resource
The Counselor's concerns include:
  • Self-awareness and personal growth
  • Social growth and development
  • Conflict management and resolution