Welcome to the Audubon Schools Elementary School Guidance Website.
The counselors are :
Mrs. Maria McCutcheon, Haviland Ave. School Counselor, Substance Awareness Counselor  
856-546-4922 ext. 6124  mmccutcheon@audubonschools.org.
Ms. Cara Novick, Mansion Ave. School Counselor
 856-546-4926 ext.5120 CNovick@audubonschools.org

Mrs. Christine Batra, Mansion Ave. School Counselor
856-546-4926 ext.5125 CBatra@audubonschools.org
Mrs. Jillian Matysik, Audubon Child Study Team School Psychologist/Counselor
 856-546-4926 ext.5220 JMatysik@audubonschools.org