Welcome to Mrs. Giambri's Computer Cafe

Students in grades K-6 work in the computer lab once a week for 40 minutes. A variety of software programs are used to encourage students to learn, explore and become confident computer users.
All students have received a computer user agreement. This policy explains acceptable and appropriate uses of computer technology at our school. Parents are asked to read and review these rules with their child. Parents are asked to sign the agreement and have their child return it to school as soon as possible.
The Internet can provide children with a wealth of information, but it can also be a dangerous place. Parents should always supervise their child when they are using the Internet. It is strongly recommended that parents preview sites before children go onto the Internet. As children click from link to link, it is sometimes difficult to determine where they will end up.  Check out my suggested websites about Internet Safety.  You may wish to review with your child safety tips for when they are on the Internet.

If you have any concerns, you may e-mail me at kgiambri@audubonschools.org.

Please make sure that you fill out Acceptable Use Policy




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