Audubon School District - Curriculum & Instruction

The Audubon School District's K - 12 curriculum is a work in progress. During the 2016-2017 school year, district educators will continue to collaborate on instructional practice and curriculum revision.  Professional learning will focus on common assessment, student centered learning, social and emotional learning and                  co teaching,  as well as topics related to individual and building level goals.   

Grades 6-12 science educators will begin rolling out the newly adopted Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), as reflected in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS), sand will make revisions as needed.   Grades K-5 science educators will begin the process of writing new curriculum in preparation for implementing their new standards  in September of 2017. 

K-12 ELA and Math educators will collaborate to align their curriculum to the NJSLS, which are replacing the Common Core Standards as of September 2017.  Educators who teach one or more of the remaining content areas will collaborate to align the NJSLS ELA and Math Companion Standards that apply to their grade levels or courses.  

Our curriculum is designed to adapt to the many factors that impact its content and design, including:  content standards,  technology,  benchmarks, state and in house assessments, student growth objectives, and the challenge of delivering a meaningful 21st century education. 

Anna Muessig, Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction 

Audubon Public Schools

(Curriculum Most Recently ABOE Approved June 22, 2016)

*NJDOE Curricular Frameworks and the Crosswalks are available by clicking on the Teacher Resources image on the right. 

Learning Progressions for the K – 12 ELA NJSLS and the 6 – 12 ELA  NJSLS for the Content Areas are available by clicking on the English Language Arts link.