To access wireless internet from a device without a District Windows Login (ex. CHromebook, iPad or Personal Laptop) -
  1. Join the wireless network Audubon WiFi (in AHS) or ASD-WIFI (in HAS/MAS)
  2. The password for either network is audubonsd
  3. IMPORTANT - Your device must be registered before you can access the internet

In order to complete the Access Request form, you will need to know the MAC (Media Access Control) Address of the device you want to register!

Request Access for a Device

What is a MAC address?

Any device that can connect to a network has a MAC address, which is a set of 12 characters used to uniquely identified your device on the network . The term MAC address is not to be confused with Mac(Apple products) as in Macbook Pro.
ex. 21:1a:b4:41:45:cf  or 211ab44145cf  (MAC Numbers contain the digits 0-9 and/or letters a-f)

Why do I need to supply my MAC Address?

We use the MAC Address of your device to grant you access to the network, and also manage how your device is filtered. If you have not registered your devices MAC address with the Tech Department you will not be able to use the wireless, even if your device appears to be connected you will not be able to access the internet until your device is registered.

How can I find my MAC address?

Subpages (2): ASD-BYOD MAC-adresses