MN 018 Madhupiṇḍika: The Ball of Honey

...he said to the Blessed One, "What is the contemplative's doctrine? What does he proclaim?"

"The sort of doctrine, friend, where one does not keep quarreling with anyone in the cosmos with its devas, Maras, & Brahmas, with its contemplatives & priests, its royalty & commonfolk; the sort [of doctrine] where perceptions no longer obsess the brahman who remains dissociated from sensuality, free from perplexity, his uncertainty cut away, devoid of craving for becoming & non-. Such is my doctrine, such is what I proclaim." (excerpt from Thanissaro's translation sutta text )


MN 018 Madhupiṇḍika: The Ball of Honey
Translator Thanissaro Bhikkhusutta text
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