There is a "lesson" sent out each week for 6 weeks (on Sunday mornings):

        Week 1:    Mindfulness of Breath
    Week 2:    Mindfulness of Body
        Week 3
:    Mindfulness of Emotions
        Week 4
:    Mindfulness of Thinking
        Week 5
:    Mindfulness of Mind
        Week 6
:    Mindfulness in Daily Life
 The lesson includes:  
  • Audio talk -  one mp3 download which includes a guided meditation:  about 1 hr and 20 min.   
  • Reading material (30 to 60 minutes.)  Usually a general introduction to the topic and sometimes more detailed instructions for how to practice with it.
  • Practices for the week  (15-30 minutes) Suggested meditation times and how to include the topic of the week.  Sometimes additional exercises to experiment with during daily life, usually not "extra time", but something to observe during normal activities.
  • Reflections to consider.   These are things you might observe or discover during the week of practice  It is ideal to read them over at the beginning of the week and have them in the back of your mind as you do your practice.  They may also be used to help you share your experience with your support teacher. Each week has 3 "Basic Reflections" and a longer list of optional things to consider. 30 to 45 min. a week.   
  • Teacher Support:  if you have been accepted to the course with teacher support (closed now for this course), you will have weekly appointments -- about 20 minutes by phone/skype/IM.  These appointments are used in whatever way is helpful to you.  We sometimes use the questions and reflections as a starting point, but if a student has a specific question, we discuss that instead.   We stay very flexible, as students have such varied levels of experience.  
    • The teacher support can be done by email instead.  .  
  • Daily reflections are emailed daily.  These are meant to clarify certain points, and to support your daily practice.  Some people find them very helpful.  For some people it might be too time consuming for some of the longer ones.  Maybe 1 to 5 minutes to read.
The priority is establishing a practice, meditate 15-30 minutes daily.  It's enough to listen to the talk, read the basic instructions each week, meditate daily, and discuss your practice with your teacher.  If you have the time for the rest, it can be quite supportive, but it's optional.  

We estimate that the minimum amount of time needed is 2 1/2 hours weekly for the talk and material that is sent out on Sunday, plus meditating daily and your teacher support time.