EDUC 309:  Methods in Teaching Social Studies

2 Semester Hours Credit

Instructor:           Eldon Roberts                                      Telephone:         978-368-2437 (Office)

Office:                   JB 104                                                   Email:         


Course Description:  This course considers: Social Studies curricula as it appears in K-8 textbooks; standards and objectives to use in directing application of the curricula in the classroom; unit planning of social studies content; lesson planning within the unit; instructional techniques and strategies; and materials commonly used in teaching Social Studies.

For the Outcomes listed below the student will submit a Portfolio of required Artifacts that provides evidence of the student's performance of these Outcomes. Each Artifact will be evaluated based on a Rubric for that Artifact.

It is expected that the work will be completed in the order of the listed Objectives.

Please submit Artifacts to the Instructor as they are "completed". The Instructor will review the work and communicate with the student about the degree to which the Artifact meets expectations.

All components of the course are evaluated for meeting the standard conventions of written English.

Outcomes  (Objectives) : The student will...

1. (Assignment: Curriculum Map) Develop a curriculum map for one year that demonstrates understanding of the:

               a. social studies standards imposed on your school by its accrediting agencies;  

               b. scope & sequence of the appropriate curricula;

               c. adopted textbook(s) and resources

2. (Assignment: Assessment) Develop written philosophies, materials, and strategies for evaluating student performance in ways that enhance student growth in concepts, attitudes, values and skills.

3. (Assignment: Adaptations) Develop adaptations to curriculum and instruction designed to motivate and accommodate

     a. English Language Learners;

     b. Children with special needs (learning disabilities, gifted);

     c. Children of diverse backgrounds. 


4. (Assignment: Unit Plan) Develop a unit plan that demonstrates understanding and application of 

a.  your State History & Social Studies Curriculum Frameworks or Standards;

b. the NAD Social Studies Curriculum Standards & J2E Goals & Elements;

c. developmental abilities, needs and limitations of your students;

d. integration of other academic disciplines within a thematic approach to planning;

e. subject development into appropriate lesson topics;

 f. appropriate sequencing and pacing of lesson topics;

g. use of resources to optimize teaching & learning about the subject


5. (Assignment: Lesson Plan) Develop one (1) lesson plan that demonstrates understanding and application of

a. your State History & Social Studies Curriculum Frameworks or Standards (from Unit Plan);

b.  the NAD Social Studies Curriculum Standards & J2E Goals & Elements (from Unit Plan);

c.  well-stated objectives or outcomes;

d. lesson development (especially: introducing, outline/sequence of content, checking for understanding, closing);

e. a variety of teaching techniques & strategies;

 f. developmental abilities, needs and limitations of your students (from Unit Plan);

g. motivation and accommodation needs of your students;

h. integration of other academic disciplines within a thematic approach to planning (from Unit Plan);

 i. community and the family as instructional resources;

 j. reading instruction through the social studies curricula.

k. assessment based on objectives and outcomes.

6. (Assignment: News, Issues) Model for and engage students in discussing and writing about current events, issues, and problems within the domain of the social studies disciplines.

7. (Assignment: Bibliography) Demonstrate application of common study and organizational skills.


You may select books and materials that you choose, as long as the copyright dates are less than 6 years from the current year.

On the Textbook page you will find suggestions for sources that will have appropriate books and materials for your use.

You will also find the textbook information for the course as it is taught in the undergraduate program at the college, but these are not required reading. You may choose to purchase them and use them, but you may find other materials that will be more valuable to you as a practicing teacher.

Code of Moral & Academic Integrity (Read the complete Code here)

The faculty at Atlantic Union College take cheating and plagiarism very seriously.  According to AUC’s Code of Moral and Academic Integrity, “any student caught engaged in intentional academic dishonesty will be given an automatic F in the course involved.”    Please read the document very carefully as you will be held responsible for this information.


Department Writing Policy (Read the complete Policy here)

·         Every assignment must be word-processed (typed) unless otherwise indicated by the instructor.

·         Microsoft® Word file format is required for electronic submissions. (.rtf or .doc)

·         Font: 12 point, (Regular) Times or Times New Roman

·         Double space (except for the label)

·         You are graded on your writing, spelling & grammar skills. Use of Standard Written English is required. 

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Curriculum Map template

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