Welcome to Team Bradbury!

Spring Reading and Blogging.

In March and April, our students have been reading and blogging. 
Students have created web pages about their free choice reading books to discuss and share their ideas and opinions about their free choice reading books.

This has been a fun project and allowed students to reflect upon the elements of literature and to explore the genre of writing a review.

Check in with your teen to see their web site!

Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Dates: 
Ice skating trip: April 14

April Vaca: April 17-21

Upcoming in May: 
MEA science test - April 26, 28, and May 2
MEA Essay test - Stay tuned for dates.

Teacher's Web Sites

Click on the links to connect to team teachers's web sites:

Assignments are posted in Powerschool.  

Some classes also have posted assignments in Google Class Room. Check in with your student to view this helpful tool.

Many parents use their Power School account to help keep track of their child's learning progress. Please let us know if you need help accessing Power School at home.


Spring has finally sprung!

WOW! It is April and April vacation is almost upon us. Student have a lot going on at AMS. Classes are working on content areas of language arts, Maine history, chemistry and algebra.

Extra Curricular activities are going strong as well. Many of our team students are involved with the Achieve Buddy program, helping other students in our school.  Drama club has started production of their new play and many of our students are involved in band or chorus.  Spring sports have started and many of our students are active with softball, baseball, and track. Nice work Team!


Extra Help

Teachers are available for extra help at Workshop Time each day.

CLC study is available for extra work time on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 

Teacher after school days: Most teachers have a day that they stay after for extra help. Please check in with the teacher to see which days they stay after school for homework help.

Bradbury Service Learning Project

This semester students will be brainstorming and creating ways to give back to our community. Students will be brainstorming areas of concern in our community and developing service projects to help others in our community. 

Stay turned for more information as Bradbury students create their projects.


Crash Course In Chemistry: Connecting Science Fact with Digital Learning.
One of the great project students have completed this winter is their Element Crash Course Video. Student worked with team mates to create a two minute crash course to explain the basic information about an element from the periodic table. 
The videos were great! Ask your teen about their project!

Two Ways to Help Your Middle Schooler be successful at school:
1. Attendance is critical - students who miss class time miss the opportunity to gain information, complete assignments, and participate in class discussions.

2. Help your teen be prepared and ready to learn - enough sleep, bag ready, lap top charged, and asking about their learning.

Your interest matters to your teen!


What supplies will you need for school?

  • 1 subject pocket folder for each class- 6
  • 1 Language Arts journal
  • Lots of pencils
  • Pens - just a couple
  • Most importantly.....A positive attitude and a growth mind set.