Team Sugarloaf


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For the most updated information on our team, please request to join our AMS Sugarloaf 2018-2020 Facebook group for parents and students of Team Sugarloaf.

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Our Team Teachers

Mrs. Diana Carson, Team Leader

English Language Arts

Mrs. Polland, English-Language Learners (ELL) Teacher

Trimester Unified Arts Classes:

T1: Tech Lab/Mr. James Rowe

T2: Library/Mrs. Katy Dodge

T3: FACS/Mrs. Ronda LeCompte

Semester Classes:

Physical Education, Mrs. Duchette/Mr. Chasse

French, Mme. Knights OR Spanish, Sra. Rigazio

CORE Teachers:

Mrs. Carson, Mr. Westbye, Mr. Gilbert, Ms. Baker, Mrs. O'Connell, Mrs. Ellis (art teacher)


Students will be taking their laptops home (with parent permission) on Tuesday, September 25th.

Check Powerschool regularly by visiting and logging in with your student's information.

Please make sure your student has a place at home where they can learn effectively.

All homework assignments will need to be completed so that students can take their learning to the next level.


All teachers can be contacted by email:

Email addresses are first initial and last

This is often the best way to contact our staff. We will do our best to return your message within 24 hours.

You may also leave a phone message for any teacher by calling the AMS office at 333-6655.

School Supplies for

7th grade

Must haves:

  • Assignment Notebook
  • two 3-ring binders with loose-leaf paper
  • lots of pencils (bring in a few at a time)
  • extra cap erasers
  • 3 thin spiral-bound notebooks (nothing fancy)
  • pocket folders or an accordian folder
  • headset/earbuds
  • correcting pen for math
  • calculator (scientific if possible)

Nice to have:

  • markers
  • colored pencils
  • locker shelf (for organizing your locker)
  • flash drive (for moving files quickly)

Also bring:

  • Excitement
  • Flexibility
  • Work Ethic
  • More pencils!