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Regular daily/weekly assignments for all students: 

Language Arts: 

ReadingBeginning October 1 students are responsible for reading 30 minutes four times per week for a minimum total of 120 minutes. Reading logs are handed out on Wednesday and will be collected on the following Wednesday. Students have the flexibility to choose the 4 nights that they will read. See the link below to download a copy if your child has forgotten his or her copy. 

Vocabulary/Spelling: Students are in individual spelling groups. They will complete a weekly Spelling Bingo card and need to study their words weekly. Each student in my Language Arts group will have a vocabulary book. I use these in centers and as homework assignments. 

Students who see me for math will have either journal pages, readiness worksheets, or home links Monday-Thursday.
Students who are not yet, Math Fact Masters, will need to study their multiplication facts.  Students are encouraged to use to help them practice their math at school and at home.  A parent letter will be sent home on Friday; it will have your student's username and password.  I hope to see your child's name on our celebration wall soon!! 

Our class is successfully moving through our first mini-unit, "Settlement".  Students are learning about turning points in American History.  Please ask them how the Settlement of our country is a turning point. 

Language Arts: Students are currently working on a Non-Fiction. We are planning a culminating activity together.  

Students are supplementing their learning by using, and  

Special note:
Thank you to all parents for your support. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.  
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